Friday, 20 June 2014

Pig is leaving the Kitchen (at least for now)

Pig in the Kitchen is heading for the champagne bar
Hasta luego my lovelies, I grant you licence to drink champagne in my absence
Because I'm such a sporadic allergy food blogger, you might think that me deciding to stop blogging will make very little difference.

Ah but you are wrong. It will make a huge difference.

To me that is.

I will no longer be carrying on with my life thinking 'shitshitshitshitshitshitshit I really need to create another recipe for Pig in the Kitchen'.

I will no longer be carrying on with my life thinking 'have I really got the drive to self-publish?' (Suspect the answer is 'no'.)

And I will no longer be carrying on my life thinking, 'I'm not even sure my recipes are any good, why am I bothering?' (I have a little bit of a self-belief problem.)

So, I'm taking a break.


Well in my real life, I'm a freelance copywriter and I really should be working at it more than I do. So even though I rarely write allergy food recipes anymore (see above) the whole Pig in the Kitchen thing takes up space in my brain which could be diverted into more profitable channels. In other words, my day job pays me, my blogging doesn't.

Hmm, think I just unmasked myself as dirty, greedy capitalist. Ah well...

So, that's all folks.

Of course I'll probably (maybe) renege on this at some point in the future. But for now...

It's goodbye from me

Snort snort from the pig (also me)

And big air kisses in your direction for reading, commenting and sending me loving tweets, messages and emails.


Mel / Pig

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Annie said...


Ok, I totally understand your motivation and completely agree. But, still,.... noooooooooo!

As I've said before, you were my saving grace 7 years ago when number 4 son was born with egg, soya, dairy & gluten intolerance (later morphing into coeliac disease). I was SO relieved to find someone blogging EXACTLY those dietary requirements.

On top of fabulous recipes that WORKED your writing style is completely up my street and I have always enjoyed reading it even when I haven't tried the recipes.

In the time since I've been honoured to actually meet you IRL - and you were just as amazing.

Seriously lady, you ROCK.

Wishing you every success - and hoping that we will still see you here, even if only occasionally.

Annie x

Sami said...

Best of luck and success.

Iota said...

Noooo!!! Don't goooo!!!

I'll wait for the reneging. I think you've tried to leave before, and not managed...

Lindsey said...

All the v best! Love your writing style and your foodie inspiration x

Michelle Peacock said...

Selfishly I'm gonna say... BOOOOO don't do it - I LOVE reading your blog and your recipes!!!
BUT... totally understand lady best wishes xxx

Kate Thompson said...

I totally get why you are doing this - I'm running three Blogs and feeling much the same way!

Vicki Montague said...

No. Sorry but you cannot go!! I won't allow it. Reading your posts always puts a smile on my face and you are a very talented lady. Having said that I completely understand why you would be doing this because I am always thinking that I must post things and it can get rather annoying!!! You'll be back!

Around My Kitchen Table said...

I'm a bit late coming to this so I hope you get to read it. I have really enjoyed your blog over the years and am sorry that you are no longer writing it. I took quite a long break from my blog but I've recently got back into again. Take your rest, re-evaluate and, you never know, you may find you really miss it! Good luck! XXX

Depressive Dancer said...

But I've only just found you!! Please can you write us an 'all the awkwards' recipe book with your fabulous tables for all the various intolerances? We'll promise to buy it!

Mimi said...

I'm very late coming to this post, cos I too have taken a break from blogging (same reasons as you!), but just wanted to say that I've loved your recipes, and the accompanying stories, and will come back to that lovely Christmas one, you know the one where you talk about your vision of Christmas, the hand-made wooden toys etc. It makes me laugh!
Best wishes Pig!! and thanks!