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Review: The Allergy-Free Baby & Toddler Book by Charlotte Muquit & Dr Adam Fox

Allergy-free Baby & Toddler Book
If you have an allergic baby or toddler, buy this book

Recently, I was sent a copy of the Allergy Free Baby and Toddler Book to review. It's by Charlotte Muquit (mum to Zach who has food allergies and Coeliac disease) and Dr Adam Fox (all round paediatric allergy god).

Let me give it to you straight: I am a terrible reviewer because I forget that I've been sent stuff and then I wake up in a panic at 3am. 

So to prevent that happening with the Allergy Free Baby and Toddler Book, I left it on the kitchen windowsill so that it would remind me. 

It stared at me for a month in an accusing way.

But then one Saturday morning I took the book along to the crazy early swim session that two of my children attend.

Reader, from 0715 to 0915 I was transfixed by this book.

It contains a wealth of clearly explained, practical information to help parents understand the confusing world of food allergies.

I particularly love the quotes from parents explaining how they dealt with food allergy-related problems and how they felt about the attitudes of medical staff and well-meaning family members. It reminded me vividly of how hard it was to have a toddler with food allergies and in particular how hard it was to get family members (and doctors) to take the allergies seriously. I wish this book had been available at the time because it would have helped enormously.

And I'm so ditzy, I'd completely forgotten that Charlotte had asked me to contribute a quote to the book.

On page 93 I started to read a quote by a mum saying how cool Medibands are for younger children. I think I even nodded because I loved Medibands when my daughter was younger...and then I got to the end of the quote and saw my name.

I know. Truly ditzy. But it's probably worth buying the book just to have my words in print, right?!

There are too many sections to list in a review, but with chapters on Anaphylaxis, Everyday Allergy Management, Asthma, Eczema, Allergic Rhinitis and more, this really is a one-stop information source for parents of children with food allergies. If your child has just been diagnosed, then it's a must-buy.

There's even a recipe section at the back of the book featuring egg free, dairy free, nut free and gluten free goodies. (Although that part did make me come over all competitive...)

And for when you're experimenting with your child's diet and excluding allergens, there are useful charts in the Resources section to help you monitor your child's symptoms. These would also be handy on the website as printable pdfs...just saying!

The book is released tomorrow, April 2nd, 2014 and you can order it at Amazon, and Waterstones and the website is at:

You can also like Charlotte's page on Facebook.

Good luck with the book Charlotte!

*worshipful bow in general direction of Dr Adam Fox* 

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