Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cooking with a Potjie Pot - vegetarian chilli

vegetarian chilli recipe
Indulge me with this 'off topic' blog post; I haven't had time to bake... 
Way back when, I spent five months travelling in South Africa. Ahh to be 18 again, young, free, single and enjoying the beauty of the Garden Route!

Every girl needs a Potjie Pot
My little sojourn in SA introduced me to the joys of the Potjie Pot, (pron: 'poy key').  It's a cast iron cooking pot that you 'cure' with oil and then light a fire and get going.

Vegetarian Chilli Recipe
Prepare your ingredients (wine is essential)
Potjie pot cooking
Inhale the aroma

 It is the perfect way to  connect with your inner cave woman slash witch.

Vegan food

And the pot takes on the 'taste' of what you cook and thereafter all food tastes rich, garlicky, smoky and just truly delicious.

Also, when you have friends over in the Summer and everyone is chilling in the garden with a glass of rosé, you don't have to be indoors slaving away and feeling resentful. You can be outdoors too! (Slaving away and feeling resentful.)

If the fire starts to die down, whack on some pine cones to boost the heat (you see, it was worth collecting all those pine cones).

Potjie Pot recipe
I can see the attraction of being a witch.

 Click here for my vegetarian chilli recipe, or you can even cook risotto in it (prepare for lots of stirring).

To buy a Potjie Pot, have a look here (note, they don't come cheap, but it will last for years).

And when half term is over, I'll be back with more allergen free baking recipes!

Double double toil and trouble...

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Iota said...

How can it be spelt that way, and pronounced poy-key?

Pig in the Kitchen said...

It is the mysterious way of Afrikaans sweet Iota. Ours is not to reason why... :-)

Iota said...

You are up late blogging. So am I. I am waiting for the washing machine to finish. Otherwise daughter will have no school sweater tomorrow.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

It felt like old times for a minute there, where we both used to stay up late visiting blogs and trading wit and repartee... Ahh, good times! And so glad that I'm not the only mum who does seat-of-the-pants washing :-)

Iota said...

If you leave blogging, you'll no longer have late night convos like this one...