Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Gluten free vegan recipes from the archive

Recipes for allergy sufferers
Dogs are lucky. They get away with Christmas bingeing
It is January and perhaps, like me, you are getting flashbacks to the gastronomic atrocities you committed over Christmas. It seemed so easy didn't it? As if no one would ever know and the price would never have to be paid.

Alas, the piper is always waiting for his cheque. Which means that the foodie free-for-all has to end.

Well, at least for a week or two.

So I've delved into the archive and found you some healthy, gluten free, vegan stuff to eat. I hope you enjoy!

And if you're still fighting the 'back to normal eating' routine, well get your gnashers around this and all power to your mandible!

First up: Polenta. Comfort food and naturally gluten free. Yes please.

Gluten free polenta cakes (and a ditty about moving)
Black Bean Soup. Go heavy with the Tabasco because spicy food raises your metabolic rate, did you know that? (I think I've got that right...)
Black Bean Soup, gluten free
Black Bean Soup
(and a return to my fictional character of Glenda Bannington-Blythe!)

Fried potatoes. Umm, are they healthy? Probably, maybe.

Sauté potatoes with rosemary
(and MORE Glenda Bannington-Blythe!)
Lentil Stew. Lentils are nature's - ahem - digestive aid. I'll say no more.

Lentil stew
(and a story about balancing Appetite & Exercise)
Vegetable Chilli. And you get to eat it with crisps!

Vegetable Chilli
 (and a moan about January)
Is that enough healthy stuff for one day?

Look, while you get on with cooking all of that, I'll get on with creating another recipe, do we have a deal?

Wishing you a happy, prosperous and healthy 2014 and see you back here soon!

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Gone Back South said...

Oh Pig, that veggie chilli looks divine. Happy 2014 to you! GBS x