Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Gluten free banana cake pops, egg free marmalade tea bread and zero success...

They looked so good. They tasted so bad.

Dear readers,

This is an open letter to you all which will catalogue my recent gluten free, egg free and dairy free baking disasters. It will also give various lame excuses for not being a good, regular or prolific blogger and it will end with gushing promises about September being 'back to school' which means renewed vigour and determination in my allergy friendly kitchen.

So if you're short of time, there's no need to read any further. I'm kind like that.

It started with my usual, rising 'blogger guilt'. "What" I said to myself, "am I going to post next on my blog?" 

Inspiration came in the form of an off road bike ride when daughter #2 and I got completely lost in the wilds of Leicestershire and ended up in a garden centre consoling ourselves with cake (for her) and low carb coffee for me (and then cake coz I couldn't resist). 

As we wandered around the garden centre we saw a fab cake pop mould which I promptly bought. 

"You see?" I enthused, "Just when I think I'm a really crap blogger, the baking world reaches out with a sign and I'm back in the saddle again!"

Unfortunately, the recipe had other ideas. As you can see from the pic, it looked fairly beautiful, but when we really focussed on the texture of the cake...well we all concluded that it was 'gummy'. 

It pains me to write that because there is no worse insult for a gluten free baker. 

'Here lies the Pig in the Kitchen blog. Her cakes were GUMMY.'

Anyway. Onwards, upwards and other assorted cliches. 

Next, in my tractor beam was marmalade teabread. It looked fab, it smelt fab and once I'd toasted it, it tasted fab. I REALLY enjoyed it. 

But alas, the texture was not quite right, it needed work and the family summer holiday was looming. So I just quietly scoffed the rest of the teabread and made a promise that I would definitely work on the recipe again.

And if you know anything about me, then you know that my promises are about as reliable as a nut disclaimer on a packet of peanuts. (Eeew, I'm actually cringeing at that 'joke', it's pretty bad isn't it?)

And so here I am on my family holiday, writing an open letter to you, my gazillions of fans. I know you've been pining for my recipes and I'm afraid I have no balm to salve your wounds.

Only an empty promise of coming back in September to once again thrill your hearts with egg free, dairy free, gluten free gorgelicious recipes.

But I will leave you with an example of my latest cake pop art.

I'm calling this 'Corpse Bride in (gummy) Cake'.

Have a fab summer darlings, see you in September!

Pig xx

When cake pop decorating goes bad...

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Anonymous said...

Oh you have to send this to! Love your work :)

Mimi said...

Well hope you're enjoying your hols! Now I'm longing for trifle, thanks to your pic on your sidebar!

freefromfairy said...

Oh I love your posts, they always make me laugh!! If it makes you feel better my blogging activity is far worse than yours but come Sept I will be on fire! Enjoy your hols!