Thursday, 6 June 2013

Venice Bakery UK launches gluten free & vegan pizza bases

Gluten free pizza Venice Bakery UK
Gorgeous gluten free, vegan pizza base, an oxymoron? Not at Venice Bakery UK
 Pizza and allergies equal a bit of a no-no.

There's the cheese, the wheat and gluten, the milk in the dough and sometimes even egg. Pizza is sort of like an anaphylaxis time bomb, just waiting to blow.

Trouble is, it's pretty yummy.

On Fridays, our house is given over to 'Friday night pizza'. (Exhausted mums will know this is code for: 'It's Friday night I'm not even going to pretend to cook a meal".)

My daughter is 'only' allergic to milk and eggs and not gluten or wheat. Dairy free pizza bases are quite easy to find and topped with vegan sausages and vegan cheese, they satisfy my girlie's need for junk food.

BUT, I've often heard people begging for  GF pizza that is crispy and tasty and just like, well, real pizza. So when Venice Bakery UK asked if I wanted to try their pizza bases that are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and soya, I was happy to give them a whirl. 

Can I be honest? I wasn't expecting much. Sure, they'd be tasty enough, but not REALLY like pizza.

Well. How wrong can a food allergy blogger be?

These bases are amazing. I stared angrily at the dough as I broke it because it acted like a pizza base heavy with gluten. 'How do they do that?' I frothed to myself, 'why can't I do that?' (Answer: I'm too lazy to try.)

First time around I didn't read the instruction (RTFM!) and put the pizza base on a baking tray. The edges of the base were crisp and gorgeous, although the middle was a little soft. But when the next pizza was placed directly onto the oven shelf, well look I don't say 'perfection' lightly, but how would you tell this was a pizza made without gluten? Methinks you wouldn't.

I particularly love the fact that the base is thin, rather than thick and stodgy. My gluten free sister-in-law agreed. "Best tasting gluten free pizza I've had. Really, really nice."

Venice Bakery UK also sent me a gluten free flatbread and I fully intended to make a curry to go with it, but I'm just so lazy. So when there was no bread for breakfast. I offered my daughter a flatbread spread with dairy free margarine, sprinkled with chocolate powder. (I am totally a class act in the kitchen.)

My daughter's reaction? "It's like toast, but better!" Which sounds like a damn fine strapline, no?

I really recommend these pizzas. For weeny kids, the pack of 3 pizzas is a great buy at £3.39 and the larger 12" ones - perfect for a Friday night pig out - are a respectable £3.79. The pizza bases and flatbreads are available from the Venice Bakery UK website:

Venice Bakery UK are launching the pizzas at the Allergy +free from show this weekend (June 7-9), they'll be at stand 136, so flock there in your millions and get your hands on some mighty fine gluten free, vegan pizza bases!

For more information visit:

Venice Bakery UK gf pizza bases
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dairyfreebabyandme said...

I like the sound of breakfast in your house! :)

N1C79 said...

I agree they are amazing. I especially like them sprinkled with grated garlic and drizzled with olive oil and a touch of sea salt then baked to make a gorgeous garlic bread. Yum!

Iota said...

"Like toast, but better" is a great strapline. Could you work on it, and get a word play on better/butter in there too?

Pig in the Kitchen said...

dairyfreebabyandme, 'trashy' is often a good description of the food in our house ;-)

N1C79,What a brilliant idea for the garlic bread, I'm inspired! Yes, bases are amazing, I love how people are getting with the allergy plan and all we have to do is sit back and enjoy!

Iota, aha, yes. Although butter is a no-no because of the pesky dairy element...and 'dairy free margarine' sort of kills it!

Pig x