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Review: The Just Mustard Choc a Bloc Cake Mould

Just Mustard choc a bloc cake mould
If only Cadbury made Dairy Milk with massive chunks like this...
A friend of mine works for a large multinational that makes confectionery, coffee and George Clooney. 

He once told me - the friend, not George - that the chocolate you eat as a child defines your view of how chocolate should taste. And that any chocolate you subsequently taste will always be compared to your personal chocolate benchmark.

Aside: (I love the idea of a personal chocolate benchmark. It sounds delicious, like a bench made from chocolate. Oh. How cool would it be to have a chocolate bench?)

My childhood chocolate was Cadbury's Dairy Milk and I loved it with a passion. I think I loved it all the more because Mum wouldn't really let us have chocolate, so when Christmas rolled around it not only meant presents, it meant Dairy Milk. Ahh, good times...

I'm about to make a bit of a leap here, so keep up.

So, when the lovely Jude from Just Mustard contacted me to ask if I wanted to review the 'choc a bloc' cake mould, I said yes.

Full disclosure: I said yes mainly because the mould instantly reminded me of a huge bar of Dairy Milk and I was lost in a chocolate reverie. In my weakened state I would have agreed to anything. (Sorry Jude!)

So here's what happened...

On receiving the mould, my first, uncharitable thought was that the cake would definitely stick in the mould.  
But I was wrong.

I used my go-to chocolate cake recipe and it slid out of the mould beautifully. Only thing is, the 'yum' that is printed on the mould didn't show on the cake. I think this could be because using GF flour in a cake (without eggs) often leaves a residue of crumbs in a mould; it just doesn't come out as cleanly as a cake made with eggs.

The kids loved the look of the brick of chocolate and it was all going well until I tried to ice it.

'A smooth ganache would be good' I said to myself. 

The ganache had other ideas. 

I'd fancied that it might adhere beautifully and smoothly to the cake so that it looked JUST like a bar of Dairy Milk. But it didn't. It just kind of looked messy.

So I baked another cake and put all my faith in BettyCrocker. Even worse. I could NOT get the icing to adhere and it was all an unsatisfactory mess.

But to be clear, that has nothing to do with the cake mould which worked brilliantly. It just didn't transform my cake into a giant bar of Dairy Milk, and I really can't blame Jude, Just Mustard or the choc a bloc mould for that.

Although not specifically for allergies, this mould is fun to look at and my daughter loved it. She hears 'no you can't have that' way too often, so she was thrilled to be eating cake shaped like a giant bar of chocolate. So for that alone, it's worth having this novelty cake mould!
And when I was nosing around the Just Mustard Facebook page, I saw that another blogger had used the mould to make Rocky Road. 

Which is a much better idea and why didn't I think of that?!

The 'choc a bloc' mould is £8 and is available from the JustMustard website.

Looks amazing. Just wish it were easier to ice!

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