Monday, 8 April 2013

Gluten free seed crackers (vegan, and maybe raw?!)

gluten free seed crackers
The leaning tower of...seeds

Here's the deal: I ate too much over Easter.

The result? I'm feeling like a fat bloater.

The other result? As my birthday approaches (this week!) I've decided:
  • I'm definitely middle-aged
  • I'm also a bit lardy in places 
  • My metabolism has unhelpfully found a new - lower - gear
  • It's time to shed some skin.

So for the first time EVER I'm going on a diet where a recipe book will tell me what to eat. 

I've quashed my inner critic (quite a job as she's put on weight over the years too) and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the book.

And behold the picture above! It is the result of a cunning low-carb plan that took shape in my head as I came back from the school run! 

I'll be back soon with the - ahem - 'recipe'. 

(Those were ironic quote marks to indicate that this is more of a melt-icipe - ooo look! I invented a word! - than a roll up your sleeves, time-to-trash-the-kitchen complicated dish.)

Hasta luego gente muy amicale de mi blog! (ooo look! I made up some Spanish too!)

Pig x 

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