Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pear & custard gluten free muffins (egg free, dairy free)

gluten free muffin recipes
One day custard will take over the world (true story)
Coming soon....

These kick ass muffins that are great for hungry toddlers with food allergies.

Gosh, can I just say out loud how GLAD I am - this deserves caps, bold and italics - that I no longer have toddlers? It's truly an exhausting time isn't it?

May these muffins fortify you during your daily grind duties.

Talk soon lovely allergy peeps!

Pig xx

Woot! Woot! This recipe is now live, you can find it here.
gluten free muffin recipes
Caution: may contain custard
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Iota said...

Can't wait for the recipe. I'm on a mission to be able to bake muffins. I have never yet had successful muffins. How do you get them to rise up and spill over the top? Mine just play at being cupcakes (which we used to call fairy cakes, or buns, I seem to remember). I am going to buy a deep-cup muffin baking tray, and conquer my muffin inadequacy. Can you help?

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Hi Iota, I'm going to let you down gently, but I think the muffin top thing is a myth. A myth I say! Even when I've used eggs and wheat flour and all manner of raising agent, I've never got them to spill over like they do on the movies.

I think between us we have uncovered the great muffin top conspiracy.

But I will recommend a muffin book, Muffins - fast and fantastic -

And actually, a quick perusal of Amazon muffin offerings (not a sentence I thought I'd write)shows that NOT ONE muffin is bulging over the top of the case.

Do you think it's all part of the government's anti-obesity drive? This is huge Iota, politics are now meddling in muffins. Not good. Not good at all...

Thx for the comment!

Pig x