Monday, 4 March 2013

Food allergies and kids - quick treats

Food allergies and kids - quick treats
A biscuit on a lolly stick sandwiched together with chocolate. Yes please.

I feel so stupid because I honestly thought children went to school to LEARN. Turns out I'm completely wrong.

Yes, they do a bit of learning but they also spend  a huge amount of time eating.

A birthday cake here, a bake sale there, an impromptu cooking lesson because it's a random Wednesday in March and a handful of sweets as a reward for who knows what.

As if it's not challenging enough packing a lunchbox for a child with food allergies, I'm supposed to have all this extra 'treat' food on standby as well!


My daughter does have a tin of goodies at school for those unplanned snacks, but let's be real; when someone has bought in homemade cupcakes, a chunk of dairy free chocolate doesn't really cut it. 

So I've decided to fight back. I looked at the lolly sticks in my cupboard left over from Christmas cake pops and I stared hard at a pack of GF biscuits. And an idea started to form.

Behold my tarted up biscuits...on a stick. A biscuit lolly if you will.

Let me tell you these hit the spot with my daughter. There were gasps, there were 'ooohs' and there were 'can I have one NOW?!'

Granted, they will take you about 30 mins (with waiting time) to make, but for those last minute 'Argh I need a pretty allergy friendly treat' moments, I reckon these do the job.

And there's something very satisfying about eating food off a stick. Perhaps it brings out the cave baby in us? (You know when we lived in caves and ate stuff from a stick instead of a fork? Oh never mind...)

Biscuits lollies

I used shop bought biscuits (even though Mum told me NEVER to do that!), but if you had oodles of time, you could make your own; maybe Gingerbread biscuits? Or use the mix from these Jammy Biscuits? Up to you.


One pack of gluten free/egg free/dairy free biscuits (mine are from Orgran)
About 100g dairy free dark chocolate
1 tbsp golden syrup/agave syrup (optional)
Lollipop sticks
Pretty GF sprinkles

  • Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water (a 'bain marie'), or melt it in the microwave (feel no guilt)
  • Using a teaspoon, spread one side of a biscuit with a little melted chocolate, leaving a 'margin' around the edge because the chocolate will spread when you squidge the two biscuits together
  • Place the biscuit on some baking parchment, chocolate side up. Place the lolly stick into the chocolate. Using another biscuit, add a little chocolate to one side of it, then place it - chocolate side down - on top of the lolly stick to form a 'sandwich', does that make sense?
  • Leave the chocolate to harden; you could speed up the process by putting the biscuits in the freezer for 10 minutes
  • Repeat until you have a pleasing row of biscuits on lollies
  • When the chocolate in the biscuit sandwich has hardened, melt a little more chocolate and spoon it over the top of each biscuit lolly to make it look pretty. Or you could cover the whole thing in chocolate, why not?
  • Add GF pretty sprinkles and leave it all to set (use the freezer if need be)
  • Feel happy and amazing and present the biscuit lollies to your children. Everyone will think you are incredible and your child/children will love you forever. Win win

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Jill @ MadAboutMacarons said...

You know, you're kids must be the luckiest out there with a Mum who's so cool. You rock. Great idea to keep them happy like this, allergies or no allergies!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Jill, you are so lovely! Thanks very much, I'll remind the kids about my coolness next time they are giving me the evil eye :-)