Thursday, 28 February 2013

Gluten free party treats for kids and muffins for toddlers with food allergies

Another good day at the office...
There are ups and downs to working from home.

The downs? On bad days I feel like I'm flailing around chasing my tail and pissing in the wind (and that gets really messy).

The ups? My office is silent save for the tweet of Twitter and the whining of the dog if I haven't got around to walking her.

And the even better ups?

On Pig in the Kitchen baking days, my office (which doubles as my photography studio) smells amazing! And I get to leave my laptop and fiddle around with my beautiful camera and little twiddly bits of ribbon and pretty material.


Today is an up day and the office smells fab. I would invite you over to sample the muffins, but then you'd spoil the silence in my house and I might end up hating you.


See you soon!

Pig x

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Clare Taylor said...

I want your office... x

Marianne said...

So just another day at the office then PITK. Sounds pretty good to me. I'm busy studying (in bed as I have the flu) so I guess that's pretty OK too. We can share a virtual muffin!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Ahh Clare, it doesn't always smell (or look) this good. In fact today it's resembling a pig sty... How very apt!

Hello marianne, sorry to hear you have the flu :-( Hopefully you're better now and how exciting that you are studying...something fun?

Pig x