Friday, 25 January 2013

Review: Helen's Gluten & Wheat Free Brown Bread Mix

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Looking good! But - whisper - a bit small...

I LOVE getting products to review.

Why? Coz I can pretend I'm an authoritative guru.  

So gather at my feet people, look worshipful and let guru Pig tell you all about Helen's Brilliant Brown Bread Mix.

Caveat Number 1: The packets are designed to be used with eggs, but after a chat with Helen's PR, we decided I should try using an egg replacer to see what happened. I used two level tablespoons of ground golden linseeds, two heaped teaspoons of 'No Egg' and enough coconut milk to make a smooth paste. (You could use rice milk or just water.)

Is this a loaf, or a mouthful?
I was a bit dubious when I saw the weight of the ingredients - 250g (that ain't a lot) - and the instructions to use a 1lb loaf tin. I don't do 'lbs' any more, but given the small packet, I went with my smallest of small loaf tins which measures 12cm x 21cm.

It looks small. Will it rise in the oven?
I can't fault the prep time -about eight mins after faffing with the egg replacer - and the liquid mixed into the flour really easily.

Umm, but I scraped it into the loaf tin and it looked forlorn; it was only half full.

Never mind, I thought, it will rise spectacularly in the oven and be like the Magic Porridge Pot! (I do actually think like this, I've clearly missed a few developmental stages.)

The instructions told me to cut a slit in the dough before I put it in the oven and that was rather thrilling and looked really good once it was cooked.

But my guru-like instincts were right; this mix did not metamorphasise into a whopping great crusty bloomer. 

It politely grew a little instead.

What did it taste like?
Yummy. With an authentic wholemeal taste and a great crusty crust. In fact, it tasted like home baked bread

Alas the texture was - like a lot of GF bread - a little 'gummy'.

But eaten warm from the oven and dipped into a hearty tomato soup, this would be lovely. It also toasted well.

The drawbacks?
Too small to make sandwiches. 

Although if you were feeding a toddler - I'm not being facetious - this would make a dinky plate of beans on toast.

And actually, with the post-Christmas blubber that is hanging around my middle, this is quite a good-sized loaf for middle-aged me.

Worth having a packet in the cupboard for emergencies, but this is unlikely to replace your daily bread if you have to make packed lunches every day.

Allergy advice: "May contain traces of egg. Packed in an area that handles soya and dairy."

Ingredients: Wholegrain rice flour, Cornflour, Potato Starch, Flaxseed flour, xanthan gum, raising agents: (Sodium bicarbonate, Disodium diphosphate), sea salt

Price: £2.49 for 250g

Where to buy it: Virginia 

recipes for allergies
For Lilliputians, this would be ideal!
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freefromfairy said...

Did it really have no yeast? May explain its size?!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

freefromfairy, yes, good point. (but shouldn't it mention that it will be teeny on the packet??!!)

Nikki-ann said...

I might give this a go, thanks!

On a side note, I've just reviewed a car of Goat's Milk chocolate.