Thursday, 10 January 2013

Recipes for children with food allergies

Recipes for toddlers with food allergies
Mmm. Yummy comfort food
This recipe is coming soon. But I need a little help.

In our house this meal is called 'Chick Pea Thing'. "What's for tea Mum?" "Chick Pea Thing."

It's instantly recognisable and some kids groan, others whoop (more on that when I publish the recipe).

However, it's not a very appealing name and it's definitely not a name that people are typing into search engines as they look for allergy friendly recipes for children.

(I know, you see how grown up I have to be when I plan my titles? I used to be blissfully unaware, now I have to pretend to be savvy...)

So, let's cut to it; what shall I call this recipe?

It's gluten free, dairy free, egg free, it has chickpeas and veg and it has optional coconut cream.

I'm going to use it to 'launch' the Baby and Toddler section of my website - oooo, thrilling! - so maybe 'children' or 'toddler' could feature in the name?

I'll leave it up to you darlings, don't let me down!

*waits anxiously*


*whistling wind from the East*


This recipe is now live! You can see it HERE.

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Sarah Sheldrake said...

Ok, here goes, first Pig Post from me....what about 'Tropical Chick'? Tropical for the coconut cream and chick for the 'peas?..... I'm ravenous right now, haven't made them anything for supper, and might just try this right now!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Ooo Sarah, how exciting! Hmm, Tropical Chick might attract all the wrong types to my blog. You see not everyone is as pure-minded as you... :-) But thanks so much for the visit, hope your tea was yummy!

Kristina said...

Mummy's Yummy Chickpea Tea? Love the look of it by the way, and my kids are in the loving chickpeas camp! So I'm looking forward to the recipe.

Emma Louise said...

I'm not great at these things, and I love Mummy's Yummy Chickpea Tea, but how about One For My Little ChickPeas?

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Kristina, Ooo, Mummy's Yummy Chickpea Tea, I quite like it, but it almost makes me sound like a yummy mummy and that is SOOO not the case ;-)

Emma Louise, Oh I like 'One for My little chickpeas' as well...gah, now this is getting difficult...

Elsie Button said...

Cheeky Chickpea Chowder (this might work if it were a chowder - could it be a chowder?!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Elsie, I WANT it to be a chowder, but I don't know what qualifies as a chowder. About to have a look :-) Chowder has come up on facebook too, it must be a sign...

Pig in the Kitchen said...

oh dear:

A rich soup typically containing fish, clams, or corn with potatoes and onions.

But could we bend the rules and call it a chowder? Or would people get very cross indeed?

Purply said...

It looks like a curry, although you don't mention spices....

Chickpea delight?
I can't believe it's not curry?

Purply ;)
I've just been enjoying some of your Swam lake bread, ohhhh yeeees!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Hello Purply, aha! There are no curry's a quick, easy mid-week supper, a chickpea delight we could say :-)

Yay that you are enjoying the swan lake bread :-)


Purply said...

What about chickpea sunshine?
It looks like a nice winter warmer to eat when it's cold and grey outside.
Feeling in that mood myself I was having yesterday a "cocido", Spanish chickpea dish with chorizo, ham and cabbage ;)

dairyfree said...

Cheeky Chickpea Surprise - a bit of alliteration always works wonders and 'Surprise' (pronounced a la Francais)can cover anything, can't it?

Iota said...

Chick peas for the chicklets. No. That's awful. Chick pea chic.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is allergic to onion garlic and corn - any tips on what else to add instead? no peas or potato either :(
Thanks! x

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Hi Anonymous, could you substitute the onion with celery? And instead of the corn you could use a handful of red lentils?

Hope that helps!(although are peas and lentils in the same 'family'...? Maybe very small chunks of butternut squash?)

Pig x

Anonymous said...

ooh thanks! yeh squash and celery maybe. will give it a go x