Wednesday, 9 January 2013

'Free From for Kids' a mail order site for allergy sufferers

Allergy friendly goodies delivered to your door. Yes please
Caution: I am about to sound like an old fart...

Way back when my daughter was diagnosed with food allergies (ok so it was only seven years ago) it was tough. 

We were down the mine at 6am baking tea bread. We swept the chimney all day and toiled away to put egg free cakes on the table. Times was definitely hard.

You lot don't know you're born. (Now I'm sounding bitter and like I have a chip on my shoulder.)

Not only do you have Goodness Direct, you now have Free From For Kids

(Ooo, you could shorten this to FFFK! Although that looks rude...scratch that.) 

Free From For Kids is a mail order company for yummy, free from products. It was started by Suzanne Attryde whose two boys can't eat dairy, egg or soya. Does that sound familiar?

From Hale and Hearty mixes to Wot no Dairy yogurts, FFFK (couldn't resist, sorry) provides you with mail order choice. Hurrah!

And Suzanne's sons are possibly the luckiest kids alive; they taste all the stuff and give their feedback on the site. 

Which is nice work if you can get it.

Take a look at the site here and if you want Suzanne to stock stuff that isn't on the site, get in touch with her here

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