Thursday, 20 December 2012

What Asda's Free From Christmas Pudding is really like

Ada's free from Christmas pudding
Is this pudding any good?
If we're to believe the chatter, the world is going to end tomorrow.

And it can, because the pinnacle of human achievement has been reached.

By Asda.

Yes, you heard, ASDA!

This behemoth of cut price consumption is selling a gluten free Christmas pudding. 'Big whoop' you say, 'so is Hale and Hearty.' That's true, but the fourth ingredient in Hale & Hearty's pud is free range egg.

What makes Asda's pud noteworthy is that yes! it's gluten free, yes! it's dairy free and yes! it's wheat free.

But let's save the best yes! 'till last...YES! It's egg free!

Finally a manufacturer has realised that if you're going to cater to most of the allergies, you may as well make it free from eggs too.

The acid test: what does this Free From pud taste like?

One word would suffice - gorgeous - but I'll carry on and add about 150 more.

The texture is pretty much identical to 'normal' Christmas pud. It's fruity and soft with a marvellous alcoholic kick thanks to the cider and rum. And I love that it has no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat and the ingredients list is relatively short; there's been no stuffing it full of sugars to make it taste 'better'.

My only teensy criticism is that it's waaay too small. Just 100g in each pot. Yes I did feel fairly full after eating the whole pudding in one sitting, but this is Christmas; I'm supposed to feel like a bloater. So my plea would be for an enormous GF pudding on which the whole family can feast.

And the best of all best parts? The sell by date is June 2014. This transforms the pudding from being 'seasonal treat' to 'daily requirement'. Genius Asda, just genius.

So stock up now because if this Mayan calendar end-of-the-world thing is right, you might have to shelter underground for a long time after the aliens have visited.

And what better snack to have by your side than an Asda Free From Christmas Pudding?
Fill your boots peeps, fill your boots.

The pudding is available online (search 'Asda Gluten free Christmas pudding if that link doesn't work), but given our proximity to Christmas and/or the End of the World, get yourself to the nearest Asda NOW

ASDA kindly sent me the puddings to review. I'm so glad they did...
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Recipe Junkie said...

Ha ha - I don't need to cater for allergies, and the husband has made our Christmas puds, but with a review like that, I am thinking of going and buying some individual pots JUST FOR ME. for EVERYDAY. Sounds like it would be rude not to.

Olivia @ Liv Lives Life said...

Wow, I wish I'd have known about this pudding when I lived in London! You're completely right...if a brand is going to eliminate some of the most common allergies, why not get rid of them all?

Michelle Peacock said...

Oh my goodness not only that but its blooming soya-free too! I am actually too excited for words and am going to get one tomorrow for my littlest peachick as she is dairy & soya allergic and usually things are free of one or the other not both!

Thank you for posting about it not shopping in asda very often I would never have known about it! :)

Pig in the Kitchen said...

REcipe junkie, your husband made the puds? Wow, he's a keeper. And yes, go out and get some mini puds for your personal stash! (I just ate one for my tea. Just pud, nothing else. Oh and a few biscuits. I'm all about the healthy eating...)

Olivia, well said! Why don't they just make completely allergy friendly stuff ALL the time?!

Michelle, I forgot to mention the soya-free bit, woohoo! Get yourself to Asda and fill a trolley to the brim! Really glad the info was useful.

Pig x

Gill said...

Is it sad that this has been one of the highlights of my Xmas so far !?

freefrommum said...

Totally agree Pig, the Asda freefrom Xmas pud was delicious. Sadly, my kids didn't agree but think that's just cos they've never tasted Xmas pud before and I guess it is quite an unusual taste when you're little. On the plus side it meant I got to eat it all. Tasted much better than the 'normal' one my mother bought :)