Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas and Thank-you from Pig in the Kitchen

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May your days be merry and bright!

Do you like what I've done with my Christmas Cake this year?

I can tell you that my eldest daughter and I had some good Mother-Daughter bonding therapy as we squidged icing and she chastised me for getting the shape of the tree a bit wrong. (My brain doesn't really do mathematical shapes.)

Anyway, the cake is iced and I only have about four more hours of cooking, icing and 'stuff' to do before the big day hits.

I wanted to say I absolutely love getting your comments, emails, likes, tweets and re-tweets and thank-you so much for sticking with my randomness until you get to the recipe :-)

You are gorgeous, lovely readers and I hope you have a safe, happy and magical Christmas!

And may 2013 bring us all manner of bountiful goodness!


Pig / Mel

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Mimi said...

Happy Christmas Pig!
Love the cake, mine isn't even iced yet! Maybe on 26th..nobody bar me eats it anyway, so doesn't really matter.
Your "randomness" is wonderful, that's what makes you stand out form the crowd.

Iota said...

It's a triangle. What's wrong with that?

absolutelywriteblog said...

Lovely cake, dear pig. I didn't make one myself but I did make a chocolate mousse (which went a bit wrong). Happy new year!

Barbara said...

Everyone's a critic... :O) I think that's a great tree (mine would be unrecognisable if I tried it). Your great blog has educated and entertained me so much, may it long continue to do so. Have a wonderful 2013 x

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Mimi, how perfect; a Christmas cake all to yourself! And thanks for that kind comment, I will keep my randomness and resist the urge to 'grow up' and become a serious food writer :-)

Iota, thank-you for recognising my xmas tree shape. Triangles scare me a bit because they can be quadrilateral or isosceles and you have to halve something and times it by something else to find the area. Shudder.

Absolutelywriteblog, I love it that you mention a chocolate mousse that went a bit wrong! I could write an entire other blog about recipes that 'went a bit wrong', it's healthy, I think...

Barbara, ahh lovely comment, thank-you so much! Have a fab 2013, onwards, upwards and lots of cake :-)

Pig x