Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Gluten Free Red Velvet Cake Pops (gluten free, egg free, dairy free)

Gluten free red velvet cake pops
Allergy friendly food CAN look gorgeous

So in my last post, I alluded to an unsavoury incident that may - or may not - have happened in my kitchen.

So here's what really occurred...

When I was fine-tuning my red velvet cake recipe, I decided to try making a 20cm cake as well as cupcakes. 

So I scraped the mix into the tin and placed it in the oven.

All went well until I lifted the tin out of the oven.

Oh, and what I'm about to tell you must stay between you, me and the world wide web. 

I fumbled and the tin fell - face down - onto the floor.

(My horror was compounded by the fact that I knew exactly how long ago the kitchen floor was cleaned.)

In a panic, I tried to flip the cake back into the tin. It didn't work. I scooped the chunks of cake into a mixing bowl and stared in despair.

And then an idea started to form...

And so, from trauma and misfortune sprang hope, two recipes and another allergy baking triumph. Sort of like a gluten free phoenix rising from the ashes...

So bake on my darlings in the face of adversity, filthy floors and unexpected mishaps. Together we will conquer the world!

Red Velvet Cake Pops (gluten free, dairy free, egg free) Makes about...20? Maybe more...

You will need one quantity of red velvet cake mix - get the recipe HERE  - divided between two 20cm cake tins.

100-200g dark chocolate
4-6 tbsps Icing sugar for glacé icing
Pretty festive (edible) decorations
Green 'oasis' from the florists (that weird stuff that they use for flower arranging, play dough will do if need be)
Lollipop sticks
  • Prepare the red velvet cake and divide the mixture between two 20cm cake tins
  • Bake in oven until risen and springy, leave to cool
  • Line a few baking sheets with baking parchment
  • When the cakes have cooled, tip them into a large mixing bowl and crumble them up using your hands
  • Melt six squares of the dark chocolate in the microwave (or using a bain marie) and pour it into the crumbled cake mix
  • Mix vigorously to combine the cake crumb and melted chocolate. The cake crumb should now squidge together quite easily, but if not, add a bit more melted chocolate
  • Take small handfuls of cake and 'squidge' into balls. Place them on the baking sheets. Repeat until the mixture is used up
  • Place the first baking sheet into the freezer while you melt the remaining chocolate in a bain marie
  • When the chocolate has melted, turn off the heat and get the baking sheet from the freezer (put the second baking sheet in while you're at the freezer). Gently ease a lollipop stick into the cake ball to form a lollipop. If the ball cracks at this point, swear gently, squidge it all back together and try again
  • Hold the cake lolly facing downwards over the melted chocolate and carefully spoon chocolate over the ball. The chocolate should coat the ball and the excess will run back into the bowl. Keep turning the cake pop until the excess chocolate has stopped running
  • Stick the cake pop lolly into the oasis until the chocolate hardens
  • Repeat until all the cake balls are covered with chocolate

For the icing
  • Put the icing sugar into a small bowl and drip teensy amounts of water in - while mixing - to form a very thick icing
  • Using the handle of a teaspoon, place a tiny amount of icing onto the cake pop and spread it around a bit to mimic icing on a Christmas pudding. Add festive decorations and leave the icing to harden
  • Repeat until all cake pops are looking amazing
  • Now, maybe it's time to clean the kitchen floor?!

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FacelessFood said...

Haha...sorry for laughing, but I know just how you felt! Never mind though as those cake pops look fab!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

FacelessFood, it was a hideous moment! (and there may have been dog hairs...eeeewwww!)

Health and safety? I spit in your face.