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Who is behind Pudology, the 'free from' desserts? Meet Lucy Wager...

gluten free recipes
Pudology. What gorgeous artwork!
I'm suspicious.

There's a new kid on the allergy block and she's done something amazing. She's made dairy free, gluten free, egg free desserts that taste delicious.

That you buy with unlaundered money, in broad daylight from a reputable supplier. You don't have to visit the Russian badlands to obtain them, or carry a semi-automatic weapon in case the fuzz turn up and bust ya.

Ooo, I went all New York at the end there. (Although I think 'fuzz' is no longer a credible term for the NYPD.)

And getting back to my point....

Lucy Wager is the force for good who has brought these desserts - aka Pudology - to the market. With suspicion in my right pocket and grateful thanks in the other, I tracked her down to a point somewhere north of the Watford Gap, in a place they call 'Cheshire'. (I'm from the South, these place names have no meaning.)

gluten free dairy free egg free puddings
Lucy, it's just you, me and the internet so you can come clean; have you used evil hydrogenated fat in your Banoffee Pud to make it taste so good?

No way Jose – we use simple ingredients that you can easily find in your own home, we just work really hard to think about how to put a smile on your face when you tuck into one of our Puds – our mission is to please and provide scrumptious Puds for everyone!

How much would I have to pay you to get your dairy free caramel recipe? Can you even give me a hint about the ingredients?

It’s something that money just can’t buy! But what I can tell you is that we use soya milk and coconut milk in our Banoffee Pud along with a fantastic Belgian Chocolate (dairy free, of course!). We make the gluten and dairy free biscuit base ourselves too – it was a great day when I put them all together and tucked into the very first Banoffee!!

Who developed the recipe? Do you have a team of oompah loompahs toiling away in a smoke blackened factory up here in the frozen north? Or do children still work as chimney sweeps here? Do you use children?

I often look longingly at my three nephews;  I do believe they’d make excellent Pudologists, but my sister insists on keeping them in school!  Jokes aside, I develop all the recipes myself, with a little help from my keen and willing family and I have an army of eager tasters – I like to make sure the Puds are well tested on people like me “intolerants” and other “normal” people…

gluten free dairy free puddings

Why dairy free, egg free and gluten? Is this a cynical attempt to make a quick buck out of those hapless allergy sufferers who are craving delicious desserts that don't make them ill? (Gosh, I'm being a bit rude, think I'm still channelling the gangsta from the Russian badlands.)

The first Chocolate Pud was made in a desperate attempt to ease a chocolate craving I had had for nearly a year – it’s all very selfish really – I avoid dairy, egg and gluten so I’m making sure there is an abundance of deliciousness available!

Where can people buy your puds? Do you have plans for world domination?

Absolutely! But I’m realistic enough to accept it may not happen this side of Christmas. For now you can find our Puds in Selfridges London and Birmingham, Fortnum and Mason and online through Ocado and Goodness Direct. The Puds are also available in a number of independent retailers – contact me if you’d like to know if there any near you!

The nut disclaimer on your products says: 'Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods used.' Hmm, what does that mean in plain English? Is it the same as 'may contain traces'? Will there ever be a pud that doesn't carry a nut disclaimer?

I really hope that one day we won’t need to put this disclaimer on our packs, and it’s something we are working on at the moment! We decided to put this statement on our packs because nuts are used in other products made in the same kitchen and it’s really important for us to know that we are keeping our customers informed and most importantly safe! Watch this space as it would be fantastic if one day soon we could make this change….

dairy free egg free chocolate puddings

Now I'm sure people do this to you ALL the time, but do you want an idea for your next pud? Are you ready? Trifle. How delicious would that be? Gluten free sponge, vegan jelly, egg free custard, dairy free cream and beautiful GF sprinkles on the top? How long will it be until I can buy trifle in a pot? Or maybe you've got other killer ideas in the (nut free) pipeline?!

YES!  We love getting new ideas from people and always happy to hear anyone’s ideas – trifle is a fab idea, we’re working on our spring launches at the moment so you never know…

Lucy it has been a pleasure to put on my black leather gloves (and Bronx/Russian accent) and give you the third degree / interrogate you.

And putting my facetiousness to one side; I think your puds are fab and a brilliant addition to the free from - and 'normal' - market.  Long may you reign and I graciously bequeath my trifle idea to of royalties.


Thanks for having me J!!

Lucy Wager founder of Pudology
Lucy selling her wares in London town...

dairy free puddings from pudology

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Thank you so much for highlighing the Pudology products! I hadn't heard of them before, but they look delicious :)