Monday, 19 November 2012

How do you bake cakes without eggs and bread without gluten?

gluten free chocolate and beetroot cake
Ta-daaa! A cake without eggs!
Years ago a terrible thought was keeping me awake at night: "It's my daughter's birthday soon. How will I bake an egg free, dairy free cake for her?"

gluten free focaccia
Introducing...bread without gluten!
But I had faith in the internet. I KNEW other people had this problem, they would have done all the hard work for me.

vegan courgette cake
No dairy in this bad boy
Pah! I found NOTHING online!

Well, a vague reference to using a mashed banana instead of an egg.
recipe for dairy free chocolate ice cream

I also found damned lies. "Just use x, y and z instead!" trilled some people, "it works a treat!" 

I wagged like a happy puppy! "It works a treat!" I repeated to myself as I followed the recipe.

Lying cheating trolls. Their recipes did not work.
gluten free pumpkin bread, egg free pumpkin bread
Gluten free, egg free, dairy free. What IS all the fuss about?!
So I flipped them all the bird and found my own way in the allergy world. And I have shared all that - ahem - expertise over on the Foods Matter website.

There are all sorts of top tips for baking without eggs, how to make GF pastry and which cheese substitutes don't taste like industrial putty. Plus handy links to lots of recipes.

So, as the festive season approaches and the rest of the (non allergy) world starts baking, don't be left behind!

Whip out your whisk, scrub up your silicone (spatula, not boobs) and shimmy up to the xanthan (running out of inspiration here)!
Christmas is coming, don't forget to make your pudding!

Go have a read my darlings and then get baking! Read the article here.

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Olivia @ Liv Lives Life said...

Love this post! I think that question is one that parents of allergic kids (and those of us with allergies, too!) ask allll the time...

Anonymous said...

don't have intolerance's, but following the LOFFLEX diet to treat crohn's - dairy, grain, cereal, citrus, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol- free, plus low fat and low fibre, so hoping to find a seasonal pudding I can have...

so thanks for doing some of my donkey work!