Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Cookies, gluten free and vegan

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Yikes! This pic was taken when I knew NOTHING about photography. Observe the harsh sunlight. Yuk. 
I am not ashamed to say that Halloween annoys me. 

Loyal readers know that I've blathered on about it before. And even though I used to enjoy Trick or Treating, I'm over that now.

Yes, I should be carving pumpkins and helping my children with outfits, but I'm not. And they are doing fine without my help, so that's another victory for benign neglect.

What annoys me most is that Halloween is interfering with mine and my husband's latest mission; to watch our way through Season 4 of Engrenages ('Spirals' to you :-)  It has just been delivered by Monsieur le and we're on episode 7. 

Each perfect 45 minute chunk features blood, violence, brilliant plot and, occasionally, that semi-pornographic sex that the French do so well. And beautiful, beautiful language delivered caustically by Audrey Fleurot, sexily by Gregory Fitoussi (fwooor!) and brusquely by Caroline Proust.  

I am completely obsessed by Engrenages at the moment particularly because [redacted] has just tried to top herself in the bath and I'm desperate to find out what happens next!

But instead of finding out her fate, I have to traipse the streets pretending to enjoy Halloween.

I reckon the kids can visit three houses - tops - and then it's straight home to bed (them) and the remote control (me).

Not sure they are going to go for that.

Anyway, if you're a much nicer mother than me, why not bake cookies for your children? (You can get the Halloween Biscuit Cakes recipe here.)

And you have my permission to feel smug and yummy and all the rest of it.

Me? I just want to perve over French actors and snuggle up on the sofa. 

Halloween, I have one word for you: Merde!

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Alice Moon said...

Just went on my rental list : )

Pig in the Kitchen said...

You are a wise woman! Beware, it's pretty gritty, so if you like butterflies, lambs and flowers, it might not be for you :-)


Elsie Button said...

Happy Halloween Pig!! xx

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Why thank-you darling! I bet you've been carve-tastic and done wonderful things haven't you? In fact, I saw your carved pepper on FB...ingenious!


Lydia said...

They look smashing! I've just finished watching Spiral series 1- 3 with Caroline Proust. Great thriller! Enjoy.

Lydia x

Iota said...

"Spirals" made me think you were going to make some kind of wonderful pasta pumpkin bake.

My neglect is so benign that we aren't even carving pumpkins this year. I don't quite know how that has happened...