Saturday, 17 March 2012

Gluten free, vegan Chocolate Cake (with secret ingredient)

Look at this bad boy!

This is coming soon my darlings!

And yes I will reveal the identity of the secret ingredient.

And now I have to clean the house.  God I hate reality.

Pig x 
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Mimi said...

yay! this will go down well here! can you not leave the house dirty and post the chocolate? !!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Ha ha! All I've done is clean a wall and bring the hoover down from upstairs. Then I sort of got waylaid by Facebook.

To be true to the perfectionist within, I really need to make it one more time with an extra quarter teaspoon of xanthan gum. I know, it's mental, but I live in fear of someone saying "Oi, your recipes are crap!"

Pig in the Kitchen said...

But I'm aiming to post before Wednesday. Oh god, I just gave myself a deadline, now I will have to miss it... #jinxed

Elsie Button said...

this looks good. i made a gluten free choc cake the other day!

vww said...

YuM! I need that... we have just been put on a wheat, gluten, dairy, soya, egg and nut free diet!! I need chocolate to compensate!!!
I love the blog, BTW, it is providing me with lots of lovely ideas for things that we can eat!!!

Kristina said...

Noooooo don't post piccies like that and then leave me hanging! Please hurry with the cleaning and post it. I'll even come over and help clean if you like? (I'm a slummy mummy; I don't even clean my own house much)

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

Been trying to leave a comment but Google trying to make me create a new account!

Is it a vegetable?

Charlie said...

This cake looks so amazing! I am hanging out with a friend for their birthday tomorrow and I REALLY want to surprise them with this! Will you post it?

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Hi Charlie, Yes, already posted! The link is here:

Happy Birthday to friend :-)

Pig x

Maia Dobson said...

Your gluten free chocolate cake is so yummy! I've tried it for my son's birthday and he really likes it. I hope you could also post a recipe on how to make gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Sweet Maia Dobson, here is the recipe for choc chip cookies!