Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Pickled green chillis

When life gives you a chilli...

I’m sure that in a former life I was a rabbit caught in headlights on a very busy roundabout. I know this because freezing and staring fixedly into middle distance is my default position when life gets a bit stressful.

At the moment life is a bit stressful.

In addition to the usual washing/school run/extra school run because someone forgot their lunch/extra extra school run because someone else forgot their bus pass and was refused entry (don't even get me started), there is adjusting to a new life. 

Well, I say ‘new life’ as if that implies I have one.  I’m currently in a sort of limbo state where I get up and keep the house and kids afloat, but then what?  Creating a ‘new life’, making friends and feeling settled in the UK after five years abroad apparently does not happen overnight. 

So I have reverted to my rabbit-in-headlights-on-busy-roundabout state and have checked out of doing anything meaningful.  Instead I’m in random land where I might decide to tidy my playlists in iTunes or check out the latest horticultural therapy blog.

Or pickle some green chillies.

I took these chilli pics in August when I guess life was stressful because I was about to move back to the UK.  I must have been feeling pretty desperate because I actually took photos of me slicing the chillis.  I'm sort of amazed that I had that much time on my hands.

And last week I pickled some more chillis because life is stressful (query lonely?) now that I have moved back to the UK.

You know, pickling is really therapeutic and if you are feeling the pressure of life, it's probably time to pickle.  Vegetables I mean, not your liver. 

And of course life is going to pick up, it always does.

Until the next time my lovelies...

Pickled Chillis

These are a great way of livening up food, but they do need to sit for a few weeks in the jar to reduce the power of the chilli.  If you eat cheese, your sandwich will love you for adding some chillies.  Avocado and tomato on toast?  Whack on some chillies and your lunch will be sublime.  And I know I shouldn’t mention the C word, but these are very handy during the festive season for adding zing to pretty much any meal.  But don’t put them on your porridge.  That would be nasty.

Are you ready for the – ahem – recipe?
  • Wash a suitable jar.  Warm it in the oven at about 170˚ Celsius for about 20 minutes.  Allow to cool
  • Buy a load of green chillis
  • Buy a bottle of white, pickling vinegar
  • Chop chillis
  • Put chillis in jar
  • Pour vinegar over chillis
  • Stroke jar, smile and feel homely
  • Tidy iTunes list and see what the horticultural therapists have been up to
  • Smile J

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Caroline A said...

Well I could almost go and start picking chillis forthwith! Then it would make me forget the vast amounts of STUFF I am supposed to be disposing of before the big move - or rather before the packers arrive next Wednesday! yikes. Another great post and what lovely piccies. Remind me to start picking chillis when I get to HK!

Caroline A said...


Pig in the Kitchen said...

Caroline A, ahaa! The packers are coming! I love that moment when they sweep into the house and take away all the clutter. and then you realise how much cleaning you have to do to stand a hope of getting your deposit back!

Oh so jealous of your exciting move! Remember to send the ski clothes to storage, you won't be needing those where you're going...GOOD LUCK!!!!


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