Sunday, 16 October 2011

'Don't Kill The Birthday Girl' - The winners are...

The list randomizer has spoken and the winners of the 'Don't Kill the Birthday Girl' giveaway are...





Please email me at:, with PITK in the subject line, giving me your full postal address and the good people in NYC will send the book straight to you.


And for those who are genuinely interested in what I was wearing when I made the draw?  Some slightly shabby Cath Kidston pyjamas and - ahem - a blanket.  Look it's early and I'm cold!

Thanks for participating and if you didn't win, well the next thing you should do is head over to Amazon!

The Teabread recipe is coming next.

Wednesday 26th October 2011
Because Jan is now lost forever (it seems) in cyberspace, I have drawn again and the winner is Kylie! Please email your address to me at:  Thank-you!
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Mya said...

Hoooray for me!!! I never win anything so this has made my day! My week! My month! I shall be whistling all day now..

Mya x

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Tra la laa Mya! The random list generator chose YOU!