Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year

Rural Normandy, France

It would be really nice if I had an editor for my blog.  You know someone who looks ahead, marks important dates in the diary and then commissions content from me. 

If I had someone like that then:
a) I would have posted this new year greeting in a timely manner and
b) I would have a new year recipe right here to show you.

So anyway, here I am wishing you a slightly belated  Happy New Year! and leaving a frosty, wintry sort of photo for your pleasure instead of a new recipe.  I know.  Sloppy.

I will now retreat to my kitchen and concoct for you. 

My head says cleansing soups and plain food.  My heart is all about steamed syrup pudding, sweet jam roly poly and thick custard. 

I may have to re-name the blog Fat Pig in the Kitchen's Artery-Furring Recipes for Lard Arses (gluten free and/or vegan.) 

What d'you reckon?

Hasta luego chicos!

Pig x

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Mimi said...

Happy 2011, Pig!
steamy puddings please, pretty please!
you don't need an editor, you're brilliant.And life does get in the way of blogging sometimes, but that's ok.

Photo-copy said...

I like the new name, so why wait? ;-)

Expat mum said...

Happy New year to you too!
I'm a soup fiend so you can guess what my vote is!

Elsie Button said...

cleansing soups and plain food please. i am indeed a lard arse, more than ever, so please help me.

happy new year to you pig, and the pig famille (that was me trying to speak french - is it one or two L's? i would ask tom but he is still asleep)


The teenie foodie said...

Don't worry about it pig, happy new year! Everyones got to be a sloppy pig once in a while...
And how about a combination of healthy soups and puddings? Alternate, so we can detox.... and then retox! but preferably more detox please :-)

Teenie Foodie

Iota said...

I say... syrup pudding. Notwithstanding the low sugar diet, of course. Don't you just love that word, 'notwithstanding'?

Anonymous said...

Was just reading in the New York Times, the latest trend is that people are getting annoyed with being wished a Happy New Year any time past January 1st. How bizarre! Not me. Happy New Year!

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

Happy New Year!

Don't worry about it, I'm deliberately taking it easy in January after all the mayhem of December. I think it's fine to greet people with Happy New Year at any time before Valentine's Day.