Friday, 12 November 2010

Mushroom Soup for Sleepovers (gluten free and/or vegan)

Teenage sleepovers always perplexed me because the rules were never really clear. Should we be smoking like Rizzo in Grease? Or being all virginal like Sandy and singing plaintively on the veranda? Was raucous laughter acceptable and what if I wet the bed? (Joke). I don’t remember enjoying myself that much because I thought that if we didn’t laugh hysterically enough, or look cool enough, (like on TV) we weren’t quite doing it right.

I went for another sleepover recently. Kathie and I escaped to Normandy for the weekend because our husbands were either quaffing beer in Munich or camping in England in late (rainy) September. I know. The beer bit I get, but camping? In England? In the rain? All wrong.

The first night we committed the schoolgirl error of weekends with friends; we went in too hard and fast with the alcohol and excited chat and woke up feeling a little delicate the next day. But the second night, with the kids in bed, it all flowed. A bit of wine, a bit of mushroom soup and then we watched Gavin and Stacey and painted our toe nails. We may have had some chocolate and Kathie definitely refilled her wine (I was being restrained for once).

It turns out there isn’t a rulebook for sleepovers after all. The only ingredients you need are girls, food and feeling at ease in each other’s company. Maybe that’s why sleepovers work so much better in middle age rather than teenage? There’s none of that angst and competitiveness and you can treat yourself to Chanel nail varnish.

So hurrah for middle-aged sleepovers and hurrah for Kathie because she brought this mushroom soup with her! So very simple and deliciously mushroomy. It is the perfect sleepover meal.

Mushroom Soup (serves at least 4)
 In these days of lashing rain, blustery wind and mushroom abundance, this soup is bang on trend.  It is probably your duty to make some today.  Measurements are approximate, reduce or increase as you wish.  The oyster mushrooms and chestnut mushrooms are a luxury, you can just use button mush if you prefer (just don't tell Kathie...)

400g button mushrooms
50g oyster mushrooms
100g chestnut mushrooms
1 clove of garlic
1 medium potato
olive oil to fry
2 gluten free, vegan stock cubes
1 litre of water (you may need to add more or less)
Salt and black pepper to taste
Green leaf to garnish
  • Roughly chop all the mushrooms, the garlic and the potato and place into a large saucepan.  Add a dash of olive oil and heat the pan until the mushrooms are sizzling and juicy
  • Add enough water to cover the ingredients, this might be more or less than 1 litre
  • Crumble in the stock cubes and stir.  Is 2 cubes too many do you think?  You can just add one if you prefer, but I do abhor a flavourless soup *shudders*
  • Cover the pan and leave to simmer for about 20 minutes or until the potato is cooked
  • Use a hand blender to blitz until it is smooth
  • Season to taste with salt and black pepper
  • You could serve with Archimedes' GF rolls or Swan Lake GF loaf, or add a spoonful of basmati rice (I love rice in soup)
  • Now quick! Take your soup to the lounge, Gavin and Stacey is just starting...
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Potty Mummy said...

That recipe might (MIGHT) even make me try mushrooms again... (Had an unfortunate experience with some mushroom risotto and a stomach bug a few years back. Haven't eaten them - willingly - since...)

Expat mum said...

Oooh, I love mushroom soup. I'm a real soup fiend so will have to try this.

Onykahonie said...

This recipe sounds delicious...I love the idea of middle-ager sleepovers too!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Passed as always to my coeliac wife. Thanks.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Oh PottyM, my commiserations on the stomach bug, nothing like talking on the white telephone to put you off a dish. It's why I can never, ever drink vodka again.

Expat Mum, yay! indulge yourself...

Onykahonie, middle-aged sleepovers are the best! Love the name of your blog ;-)

GOK, you are an angel for always stopping by, hope your wife likes it.
Pig x

WizzyTheStick said...

Can't say I've ever had a mushroom soup before but that's about to change.

Elsie Button said...

camping in the uk, in the rain, in september is so right

A Modern Mother said...

Love that you call them sleepovers!