Monday, 11 October 2010

Waiting for Apples in Calvados...

Can you see her?  That's my alter ego, Mel. 

She's very busy isn't she?  Look how fast those fingers are typing. 

That's because she's typing her latest article for Powder Room Graffiti. 

It's all about how damn hard it is to start studying again when you're fast approaching a very significant birthday and the last time you did any meaningful study you were for the most part drunk, or hungover - permanently - and your room was full of traffic cones that you stole the night before...

By the time you read this Mel will have finished typing her article and if you want to read it, just click HERE.

Perhaps after that she'll get her arse back over here and post that recipe for Apples in Calvados that she assures me is coming very soon.

Until then, keep well darlings!


Pig x

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