Friday, 30 July 2010

A Quick Publishing Question...

Chocolate Orange Truffles for the Girls
Imagine, just imagine that Pig in the Kitchen were to publish an allergy cookbook.

Do you think it would be best to publish one with just cakes, or with cakes and bread?  I have gratuitously attached some pictures of cakes and breads to help you with your decision. 

I'm interested in hearing from you silent readers who actually use or need my recipes, but I would also love answers from any other passing trade.  As it will be my cash on the publishers table, well thought out answers, tips and advice will be particularly welcome... Maybe you think self-publishing is a terrible idea??

If you are reluctant to reply in the comments box, please email your answer to writing PITK in the subject line.

Muchos gracias!

El cerdo en la cucina

Beetroot Cake

Birthday/Anniversary Cake

Swan Lake Gluten Free Loaf  (I do love that story...)

Thanks for your time!

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Morgan-- said...

Hi Pig! Cakes and bread!! I would love to see both, and you are so good at both!

Mimi said...

Cakes and bread please!
I hope this is a sign that you're on the way to publish, I'll be in the queue to buy.
Have a lovely holiday!

Ps did you do this?? - the word verif, i kid you not, is advize

Alchemille said...

I have a few gluten free/allergy free cookbooks and I appreciate the fact that the have a variety of baked goods: cookies, muffins, cakes & breads (with or without yeast).

Looking forward to your future cookbook. Will you publish it in the US as well?


Elsie Button said...

funnily enough (and I know you don't want to hear from the likes of me on this) but as i read this post, i was just tucking into an amazing piece of bread and butter and said to tom 'i don't need the steak, chips, peppercorn sauce, mushrooms, onion rings etc etc that you are cooking for me to celebrate our 5 years of marriage, i am just happy with this amazing bread'

So i would say cakes and bread, definitely.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Perfect reactions so far, thank-you very much! Keep them coming!

Alchemille, not sure yet about the US thing, would love to, but don't know enough yet...

(Happy Anniversary Elsie! Just a light snack to celebrate then? ;-)

elizabethm said...

Cakes and bread please! don't have an allergy need myself but love to cook and love to be able to cater properly for anyone who comes through my door.

Flo'bear said...

Cakes and bread! Cakes and bread! Cakes and bread!

Kylie said...

Hi ya Pig,

Going into print - that's great news!

Why limit yourself to cakes and bread - I seem to recall some other amazing recipes... and for those who battle with cooking for allergies, the more ideas the merrier!

Have you approached any publishers to see if they would give you a deal?? Leveraging their resources for editing, graphics and promotion would be helpful I'm sure.

The biggest mistake I've seen with self-publishing is not using an editor. Your writing is top-notch... so don't take this the wrong way... but another pair of eyes can polish things up to ensure your work is thoroughly professional.

Good luck with it
(yes I'm still around - even if I haven't been blogging lately)

Expat mum said...

At first I thought cakes and bread, but if you do them seperately that's two books instead of one. When you publish a book, it's always a good idea to have a 'series" if you can, and a potential publisher might like the idea of getting two. You could even propose either/or.
There are so many pros and cons with self-publishing versus a traditional publisher but I'd be happy to point you to a few good web sites.
At the end of the day a trad. publisher will get you more exposure, reviews from more prominent people, spots on bookshelves and an easier way to get on radio or TV. However, more and more people are self-publishing with success, but you do have to do a LOT more of the work yourself.

Diane said...

I've been cooking your recipes for 2 years and you are my God, Guru, Oh Great One. Go cakes and bread and you can always follow on with desserts and treats for a sequel. You know you are loved and we down here in New Zealand eat one of your recipes at least once a day. Best of luck.

Nikki-ann said...

Cakes and bread! :)

Grit said...

good for you. i typeset stuff from authors that i wouldn't even use to line the litter tray; it would be an insult to a cat's arse. we need authors who wrestle control for themselves, so good luck. the success is yours already! expat mum has a point about series; although you have a range of family dinner meals too which i could see creating an independent work. and soups and starters... so yes, maybe cakes and bread. three books in the series with a neat narrative to link them. go go go pig!

Marianne said...

Oh, I agree with the majority here. Definitely cakes and bread with follow ups for puddings, mains, starters etc.

I have been trying an exclusion diet - abandoned at the moment - and the thing I struggle with most is giving up delicious bread and lovely cakes. The rest is easy.

Enjoy your holiday.

Potty Mummy said...

I'm with EPM - two books, if only to get people to buy the series. Although maybe a 'taster' of bread (oh, I'm such a wit) in the cake book and vice-versa?

Anyway, am off to do whatever 'passing trade' does on a Sunday night in Provence... (and I promise; it's less exciting than you think).

BTW - when does the soup book come out? Am looking for a recipe or two featuring beetroot this winter...

planb said...

My immediate reaction? Both! both! both!

But EPM's absolutely right... treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen.

Oh, and I'll give you, for free (credit please?!) my recipe book idea. I was going to do a series called "Guess who's coming to dinner" and then do one for gf, and one for dairy and one for etc etc... or maybe a chapter on each. It's a great idea, but I failed on the thinking of the recipes... but you could do it Pig, you really could... (although I did make a splendid dairy free gooseberry upside down cake today of which I am justly proud).

Janine said...

Oooooocakes and bread please! I love to bake bread and cakes but if I was given the choice I would buy the cake book and not the bread and just be sad they weren't in one book. I love your stuff and I'll be making beetroot cake today :D My MIL cooked me some at the weekend and I was pondering what on earth to make with them.

Ian said...

Cakes and Bread.... and More please!! If I am catering for someone with an allergy I don't want to be restricted to Cakes and Bread :-) Definitely serialise/produce part-works, but let your public know that they are coming. Mainstream publishers will erode your margin, margin that you may be able to preserve if you can prove your value ahead of negotiations. Can happily provide you with free PR and distribution via indi book shops.... Go global! All the best - Ian

Kat said...

Both. Are you going e-book? Good way to create revenue streams without huge financial outlay for you x

Zuzu Petals said...

Both, please! I love your creativity and, as one with Celiac, am always looking for new recipes for anything and everything.

Adriana said...

It's a tricky one. Self publishing is expensive and all of the marketing and promotion will be down to you. Traditional publishing means they fork out but in reality they don't do much to promote it either. The main thing is to get a good cross section of recipes, don't limit yourself too much to one or two categories and certainly look to see what's out there already. Your blog is something that will attract publishers so it might be worth approaching them to see if there is interest. Best of luck. Adriana at

Chef Gulzar said...


nice post! great ideas....
thanks for sharing this blog!!

James Parker….
Chef Gulzar masala TV

Anonymous said...

I'd love cakes and bread please!!! I often share your blog with other parents of allergic kids... its divine! I would buy heaps of books...


Robert said...

I love to bake bread and cakes..
I love your stuff..

Robert White……
Pakistani Food

guineapigmum said...

Cakes AND bread. Bread AND cakes. Definitely. Put me down for a copy.

OxyMoron said...

Hello Pig,

I'm one of those silent readers who rely on PITK for inspiration (never fails!)
I agree with the others: Cakes and Bread and more. One of the things I love about PITK is the diverse recipes, so why leave them out?

I come to PITK for gluten free inspiration. As I have coeliac disease. In fact, right at this moment I have a loaf of Raisin Bread rising slowly in the kitchen, ready to bake in the morning. I thought I'd tell you about our household dietary complication. We all eat GF (at home, anyway) due to my restricted diet. No one has any allergies, so one less worry, but I have a young daughter with type 1 diabetes. She can eat whatever she likes, but she does need all her carbohydrates to be counted. Which is no mean feat with a 2 year old!

Along with my raisin bread I have a board full of calculations listing all the ingredients, their weights and their carb percentages. Once my loaf if baked I'll weigh it and work out the carb percentage of the whole thing.

Coeliac and T1 diabetes often go together (in fact she may well test positive for coeliac when older). It would be wonderful to see these recipes with nutritional info such as carb contents. I realise we're a bit of a niche market, but I just thought I'd tell you about our situation and how I use your recipes.

Thanks for putting them up here. They make life that little bit better.


Pig in the Kitchen said...

Hello lovely readers! Thank-you so much for all your comments. I'm going to award a gold star to Diane's comment, how wonderful to be called a guru! I've been wearing white flowing clothes and growing my chin hair ever since I read that one. I may soon start calling myself 'Grand Mistress Piglet of the Highest Order of Allergy.'

Adriana, sooo excited that you have visited my blog. The Little Red Barn Baking Book ( is one of the finest cookbooks ever written. My Mother-in-Law cooks Shrimpy's Chocolate Cake every time we visit, deeelish.

Sorry not to comment on everyone's comment, but OxyMoron, thanks in particular for yours. Type 1 diabetes is a subject very close to my heart and I do feel for you having to manage it with your daughter. A dear friend of mine also religiously counts carbs and her daughter (aged 5) has recently gone onto a pump.

I have no idea how I'd begin to start adding a carb count to my recipes, do you have any tips?

And thanks again everyone for commenting, you are all marvellous!!!

Pig x

OxyMoron said...

Hello again,

Thank you for your response.
Your (my!) raisin bread is delicious, and I will send you an email should you want to delve into the murky realms of carbohydrate counting.