Sunday, 1 March 2009

To think I did all that, and may I say, not in a shy way...

There's nothing worse, is there, than a dying blog? It's like watching a fly buzzing around on its back. It's not pretty, you feel bad for watching, yet you're incapable of administering the final blow, it seems a bit mean.

For a while now I think my blog has been dying. It goes still like the fly, then has a burst of buzzy action, then stops again. So let me just give it that final thwack...

I started this as a resource for others faced with the stress of coping with food allergies, and - in my wild dreams - because I hoped it might get picked up and turned into a lovely recipe book.

I know that some of you have found the recipes really helpful, so hurrah! the first part of my mission succeeded. Alas, to date, no-one would like to pick my blog up and turn it into a lovely recipe book. Perhaps one day that will happen and that would be great.

But the point is, my heart isn't in it any longer, and I hate to do that to my bright and colourful blog. So I'm going to quit whilst I'm ahead and leave it whilst it's still looking good.

I will just leave myself a little wriggle room...I've seen lots of people try to leave their blogs behind, and blogging must be really addictive because they always come back. Maybe I'll be one of those??!

And if any sweet editors would like to turn this into a lovely book, I've got lots more recipes that I haven't yet published ;-)

With kind regards, a little hint of a tear and a tremble of a pigly snout,