Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Banana Buns (egg free, dairy free, gluten free)

So it is a brand new year and I’m supposed to back here, blogging. But I’m not.

I am not blogging.

This is because I am struggling with the thorny issue of New Year's Resolutions.

I was all bullish around the 30th December,

‘No, I’m not making any this year, it’s a waste of time’.

Come January 1st I had a bit of a wobble. Well of course I should make a few, it is after all a means of improving myself, and I am most certainly in need of a bit of improvement.

Of course any resolutions that involve eating less, or eliminating fat forever from my diet, are pointless.

Resolutions that involve exercising more are good, especially if they involve some initial thereapeutic purchasing. I'm thinking new trousers for some rock climbing, or perhaps an arm strap for my Ipod to facilitate my running. You know the kind of thing. In fact, I'm probably due some new trainers, it's been a while since I bought the last pair...

Anyway, like I said, pondering over my resolutions. In addition to the ones above, I'm oscillating wildly between the ambitious,

‘Just be a much nicer person all the time’ through the

‘If you can’t say something positive, just don’t open your mouth’ (that’s possibly a sub-point of the first one) down to the more bite-sized,

Recycle the bottles on a hebdominal basis’.

It’s taking up quite a lot of head space, so I definitely am not blogging.

However, I felt I must just share something with you. I returned from the UK last week with another weapon in my allergy-fighting arsenal.

A part of the human genome that they missed?

A completely foolproof way to ensure you never ever have another allergic reaction to anything, ever again?


It’s Jelly Tots.

How very delighted I was to discover that not only are Jelly Tots free of nuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, gelatine and artificial colours, but they look extremely pretty indeed.

That’s it.

I hope that wasn’t too much of a let down for you, but I was very excited by the Jelly Tots because they meant I could give my littlest allergic one proper sweets. Not sugar-reduced, price-inflated, specialist order ones (and I do value those by the way), but proper, evil sweets.
That her sisters and brother wanted to eat as well. When our bags got lost at the airport (bless you Air France), and boredom kicked in, we were Jelly Tot-tastic, and life was good.

And when I got home to discover two blackened bananas in the fridge, I knew just what to do.
Not blog or try out a new recipe - durr, I’m wrestling with the New Year’s Resolutions, remember? - But re-hash an old recipe, ice it and add some jelly tots.

Then share it with you, to enhance your life, and buy me some time until I can post the next recipe.

So that’s it. Definitely not blogging, although possibly could be in a couple of weeks.

Hope you had a marvellous festive period, and can I just say to all those lovely people that have emailed me recently:

I have replied to every email I’ve received, but my email account is spammed and hijacked to the core and some dear friends are unable to receive my emails. I think I’ve been put on some black list which means you won’t receive my reply. Try checking your junk mail folder, I may have been put in there. And I love getting your very kind emails, thank-you. I think it’s safe to say that if no-one had emailed me or sent me the lovely pix you send me…I would probably have given up by now.

So there you go, it’s all your fault that I’m still here, wittering on.

Happy New Year,


Banana buns with jelly tot adornment
These are, quite simply, ‘Did not see that coming Raisin Buns’ in another form. Instead of the raisins, you use 1 large banana, or 1 and a half medium bananas, mashed. How easy is that?

I’ve only made the egg free, dairy free with wheat flour version, but - going out on a limb here - I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with the egg free, dairy free, gluten free or the gluten free with egg versions. Keep up.

If you wish to make these buns, please click HERE, where I've added the necessary (very minor) adjustments to the recipe.

© Pig in the Kitchen 2009


Elsie Button said...

oh my god, banana buns and jelly tots are a match made in heave. you are a genius. and keep on blogging! Happy new year xx
PS Tom is dieting this year (new years resolution) but i am not - for the first time ever, i have an excuse!

Elsie Button said...

heaven not heave. that dramatically changes the meaning

kitchen aid parts said...

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Guineapigmum said...

As well as those things that wonderful JellyTots have managed not to include in their recipe, you will probably find that they are also very low in fat. Oh yes! Low fat - always a justification for just one more Jelly Baby or, for the wheat eaters, Jaffa Cake. DOn't see why that shouldn't work with just one more handful of Jelly Tots. (It would have to be a handful, wouldn't it?)

My email got spammed like that a while back - I tracked it down to someone in the Phillipines (there are web sites to do this) and was supposed to contact their ISP. I never got that far but it eventually stopped so I suppose soemone else did. Unfortunatley I am still blacklisted by one or two networks, including a major client which makes life a little tricky at times.

kath said...

Elsie, that is too funny! Welcome back, we too are resolution-less, the sister and I have decided to take things in small baby steps this year.

Kitty said...

Really no wheat in them? Gosh ... I have a problem with wheat myself. Guess what I'm going to get tomorrow?!

Thanks for the tip. x

Mya said...

Jelly Tots! You are a bloody genius Pig! Happy New Year, and just you keep those fab recipes and stories coming, d' you hear?

Mya x

I have 2 new year rezzies.
1.To stop writing inappropriate comments.
2. To stop picking my arse.


GoneBackSouth said...

Jelly Tots do indeed rock. I look forward to you stopping not-blogging x

Akelamalu said...

Welcome back even if you're not blogging. ;)

Do tell - Can I eat jelly tots when I'm on a diet? :)

Potty Mummy said...

I love jelly tots too. And since it's Boy #2's birthday on Friday, I might even get round to making this one (though with egg, dairy, and gluten, I'm afraid...).

Vegetation said...

It's always wonderful to "see" you :) I look forward to your posts! Mmmm jelly tots. I managed to find these amazing lollies at the local shops called Cheery Bears. Fruit juice sweetened, fruit coloured and gelatin free and best of all, superbly delicious. They lasted all but a month at the store before they were discontinued (yes, I had many bad words to say at the time) and now my life it cheery bear free :(

Mmmm banana buns and jelly tots, with ICING! Yum!!!

Anonymous said...

We have nut, egg and dairy allergies in our family as well. Very excited to find your blog with all those lovely recipes. Always looking for new ideas to extend limited repertoire. If this helps - "Simple Treats" by Ellen Abraham is a really good vegan baking book and Rose Elliot's "Vegan Feasts" I have used for several years now to make Christmas cakes and puddings.

margie said...

first glance, i see the word egg, then i see the bun, and i think, oh my, that's the worst egg i have ever seen....then i took a closer look. i love a banana bread/cake/muffin. we are also working our way towards a new set of resolutions.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Elsie B, my finger was hovering over the 'delete ElsieB from your life forever' button, but then you saved yourself with the second comment. phew, that was a close one. Tell Tom that his diet is doomed, DOOMED I say, diets don't work. And please wish him a happy new year from me!

And, err, what's the excuse?

Kitchen aid parts, thank-you very much for your kind comment.

GPM, almost no fat! well, i'm sure they're almost no fat. I once read that supermodels stay skinny by eating sweet stuff, but not fatty stuff. So i could gorge myself on sugar, ignore the fact that it's raising my chances of developing diabetes, and stay skinny, what do you reck? 'stay skinny', that's not what i meant to write, 'get skinny' is what i meant. top tip for finding the spammers, but i don't even know which email did it...

Kath, hello, down with resolutions! we should start a social movement.

Sweet Mya, always a pleasure to have a visit from you love! Plse don't stop the inappropriate comments, but i agree, you might want to stop picking your arse.

GBS, yeh for jelly tots. pssst, i am blogging really ;-)

Akelamalu, you MUST eat jelly tots on a diet, it's written in the small print. ( of the Pig in the Kitchen book of diets)

PottyM, bake girl bake! a birthday so close to christmas? at least it gets it out the way i suppose...

vegetation, 'cheery bears' just the name makes you want one...they could also have been called 'righteous bears' coz they sound very wholesome. i've found a similar product, 'jelly bears', they helped when we were stuck at the airport too. but i'm afraid that jelly tots with naughty sugar coating, win.

Anon, hello and welcome and thank-you for top tips...will google those books forthwith! Glad the blog is of use, happy new year!

margie, when i'd finished wiping my eyes, and calmed my hiccoughing sobs, I realised that you weren't saying my blog is the worst egg blog ever, so that's good. now you and Kath need to liaise...am I spotting a contradiction in your resolution plan??!!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Ah Pig, so good to have you back! I've giggled as much at the comments as your post I'm afraid. Particularly kitchen aid parts. You are a very decent person indeed allowing it and even responding. ;) and Mya's intention to stop picking her bottom. Great for a boring Thursday afternoon. Even the word verification is a good one today. I swear I'm not on anything!!


elizabethm said...

Hi PITk and happy new year and all that. I am not resolving too. just too many years of the same resolutions (a clue perhaps?) so, no more.
hope you will soon be not blogging more frequently.

Brom said...

I'm not blogging either! I was never a fan of Jelly Tots, but have always been a fan of anything that satisfies the non allergic criteria.

Happy NY Pig X

William Leigh said...

Hi there - thanks for your comment on my blog. Wheat-free is actually proving quite enjoyable - I do eat a lot of tom yum soup with rice noodles but feel very good. I am sure you probably know but Gorgio Locatelli's daughter is allergic to hundreds of different things so he may have some good recipes for you - they even came up with an alternative to ketchup.

All the best,


Grit said...

those jelly tots look so inviting! sales will soar around here now and the gritlets will be glad the sweetie rules can be relaxed!

lady macleod said...

I do so like jelly tots more than nuclear weapons...

health funds said...

You have a really nice presentation!!!

Nikki-ann said...

Yumm! :D

fizzycat said...

Heaven on earth , jelly tots.I have linked to your blog as many of my family have allergies and your recipes look lovely.

fizzycat said...

Yes I have not a clue upon which spiders are legal to keep in the uk.All I was told was that the house concerned was a big white one very tall . One fitting this description is around three blocks away from us. Hopefully all her spiders stay with her if they escape.
I wonder if anyone at google actually makes the verification words up , or if they are all computer generated.