Friday, 11 May 2007

Righteous Ruler’s Mint Tea

My globally-warmed garden is doing amazing things at the moment. All a bit early it seems, but hey, it looks really pretty. As I was pottering around with the children in tow, we found some mint. Lots of mint. They wanted to know if they could eat it, or make perfume with it. Whilst they made the ‘perfume’, I made them some mint tea to try. I handed my husband his cup and we both drank at the same time. We stared at each other as the memories flooded back…"Tunisia! Righteous Ruler!"

During my final year at University, we went on holiday to Tunisia. We drank mint tea for a week. We stayed in a secluded beach resort. It was a beautiful place. We had a little bungalow and a smiling man bought breakfast to our terrace every morning. There were unspoilt white beaches. There were lazy mornings and candlelit dinners. There were lots and lots of men staring. I found that rather difficult, I had to face the wall for those candlelit dinners or the feminist in me got really irritable.
Our holiday came to an end and we commandeered a taxi to take us back to Tunis. Our driver drove like one possessed. Whatever possessed him had not passed its driving test. During a white-knuckle overtaking manoeuvre into oncoming traffic, he had to pull back in smartly. As he pulled back in he pranged the car on his inside that was seemingly performing an undertaking manoeuvre. It was all very confusing.

We all gulped. My husband-to-be and I exchanged looks. What, with the delay whilst they exchanged insurance details, there was a good chance we might miss our flight back to Europe. Scarcely had we verbalised this when the G-force pinned us to our seats. It was the G-force of a car accelerating away from the scene of an accident.

A glance through the back windscreen confirmed that we were involved in a car chase. The wild-eyed, gesticulating prangee was chasing the deadpan pranger, the latter refusing to meet our eyes. I suddenly felt like an extra in a bad action movie. I kept my head low in case our tail had a gun. I kept waiting for the bullet ricochet as we wove wildly across the highway. I wanted my Knight in backpacker garb to produce a gun, lean out the window and fire at our pursuer’s tyres. One look at my man dispelled that idea, he also had his head down low.

Our driver managed to lose the car behind, with some very fast, very horrible driving. I fell out of the car as we stopped and almost kissed the ground. By now the giggles had set in. We insisted he let us photograph his car. It was bedecked with badges and insignias. Presumably they were from the cars that hadn’t been so lucky. I peered closely at the badge that had pride of place on the bonnet.

It was a picture of a bold and fearless eagle, and it said ‘Righteous Ruler’. How apt. This tea is for you Righteous Ruler, wherever you are.

Righteous Ruler’s Mint Tea (1 cup)

A bit of a complex recipe, you might want to build up to this one. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it right first time.

Enough boiling water to fill a mug of your choosing
About 5 big mint leaves
1-2 sugar cubes depending on your taste.

  • Fill the kettle and put it on

  • Whilst it is boiling, put the mint leaves into the bottom of your cup

  • When the kettle has boiled pour it into the cup, filling to the desired level. Tip: you may want to top it up with cooler water so it is not too hot to drink

  • Add sugar if you like

  • Stir

  • Enjoy

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Stay at home dad said...



Marianne said...

Wish you'd pop over and cook for me PITK. You're welcome anytime. What exactly is the problem with your daughter? I'm looking into diet for my son's recently diagnosed ADHD. Would your recipes help?

lady macleod said...

I was going to say "welcome to driving the the Third World, but then I recalled the drivers of Los Angeles!"

I lift my lunch time mint tea in salute. Do you know there is a difference between the mint tea leaves of Marrakesh and Fez? Apparently it is quite a sign of distinction - as told to us in Fez by Mama Fatima who is from Marrakesh.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

SAHD, I know, it's a shocker. I read recently that if you have some alcohol-free days it gives your liver a chance to recover and your other alcoholic days have no long-term impact on your health. I should issue a disclaimer there, please don't rely on my memory or indeed perhaps faulty reading of the article. Anyway, I'm having a few days off the hard stuff to help my long-term health!

What a long-winded reply.

Marianne, would love to pop over, but quite tied up cooking for my rabble! My daughter is allergic to all dairy products, eggs and brazil nuts...there may be a few other nuts too but i just avoid them all. To be honest, I couldn't say whether my recipes would help or not. I have heard that certain E numbers can exacerbate the problem. I also read that amazing book by Jacqui Jackson Multi-coloured mayhem. The first two links below are about her family and may be a starting point for information. The last link looked to be a handy site...hope you have some joy. Good luck, Pigx

Pig in the Kitchen said...

lady M,
I did not know that about mint tea exciting! Can YOU taste the difference?! I will toast you with some mint tea later.

lady macleod said...

My palate is not sufficiently developed to taste the difference, but I nod and smile as though I do with the best!

mutterings and meanderings said...

Pig, I am convinced there is something of the Daniel Craigs about your husband... car chases in exotic climes. Hmmmm

Pig in the Kitchen said...

M&M, of course he is like Daniel Craig to me...;-)

rilly super said...

why were all those men staring at you dear? I simply can't believe that your table manners were really so bad as to attract such attention...

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Rilly, I have wracked my brains, and I did take special care to eat with my mouth closed. Oh, do you think it was eating my bread with my right hand? Or could it have been the low cut, sleeveless summer top? It rilly is most perplexing. Sorry to hear things aren't going so well oop north, chin up girl, the book deal can't be far away...

spymum said...

Mint Tea! Lovely! We spent our honeymoon in Tunisia (foolishly thinking that it would be warm in January. Ha!) I didn't have any problems with the staring - clearly I have much less to offer in the low cut blouse area - but I still remember the FEAR I felt as we hurtled along the road to Tunis! Yikes!

No accidents - I guess we got lucky - lol!