Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Pig’s Holiday

Pack my bag – check

Pack their bags – check

Pack his bag – check

Pack sleeping bags – check

Turn heating off – check

Leave strategic light on – check

Pick up husband from airport –

Many hours later, the bleary-eyed pig was travelling west along the A13. She glanced in the mirror at her slumbering family. They looked beautiful.

Yet Pig can’t shake that niggling feeling that some detail has been overlooked, did she turn the heating off? Did she pack the…oh. The husband. Forgot to pack the husband.

Pig thought of the many kilometres the excited, holiday bus had already travelled. She thought of how long it had taken for all the piglets to fall asleep. She thought of them all waking up as she turned the bus around.

Then she thought of her poor, beleaguered husband in his crumpled, jet-lagged suit. She thought of how many countries he had visited in the last 7 days. She thought of his week-end away with his mates. Pig knew she had to do the right thing. She reached for her mobile.

"Hey hon, I think you’re going to have to get a train…".

Have a happy Easter with your loved ones!
Pig will be back sometime in Aprilx

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Arthur Clewley said...

happy easter to you too PITK, hope you hook up with your husband sometime over the next couple of weeks!

mutterings and meanderings said...

ROFL as these Internet types say. Have a fab break, Pig!

Katy Strange said...

Happy Easter Pig. I thought of you yesterday as I shrieked with frustration trying to hand paint Easter eggs - something you probably have down to a fine art!

spymum said...

Have a lovely Easter break PITK!! A massive chocolate Easter egg should mollify the husband for having to catch the train!! Tee hee!

Brom said...

I hope you remember to come back?

The thinker said...

just happened upon your blog. Will be looking at the gluten free recipes - i was diagnosed with a very slight gluten sensitivity 35 years ago. Not had to follow the diet for 25 years but as i've put on a great deal of weight post men. - I'm thinking of trying it again to see if it helps with the weight and various other 'old lady' symptoms. All looks Very colourful.

dulwichmum said...

When are you coming back sweetie? We are waiting...

Anonymous said...

To Little Miss Piggy.

Very interesting, I will keep in touch,might even write a poem, dont forget hubby next time.

Happy cooking.