Tuesday, 13 March 2007

One out, one in

Pig is feeling a little blue today.

It could be because I have finished the last piece of the Cake of Success, but I suspect it has more to do with having spent the day in hospital.

It was not an emergency visit, it was a pre-arranged date. The fourth little piglet and I hung out in the out-patients department so that they could re-assess her allergies.

My daughter does not have to carry an epipen*, she has never had an anaphylactic reaction , and no-one has ever suggested that her allergies are anything other than unpleasant and inconvenient. But I don't like it when I have to take her to hospital. Today they did 31 skin prick tests. They ran out of arm and had to cover her back as well.

And it was a bit like the beer in the fridge principal. One out, one in. The good news, no reaction to Soya, yey! The bad? A big reaction to Brazil nuts, oh and one to mustard but the doctor told me not to worry about that one. How can I not worry?

But I guess we just carry on. Manically clean the floor after each meal so she can't pick anything up, and bake, bake, bake. I've made some new cookies, watch out for those. And they won't have any brazil nuts. Or mustard.

* Alas, an Epipen was prescribed for her after a recent 'milk challenge'. October, 2007

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mutterings and meanderings said...

Oh no, that sounds like a tough day.

Plus, you won't be able to make that nice vinaigrette recipe.

Who needs Brazil nuts anyway?

Stay at home dad said...

One advantage of my epipen is that as soon as I start waving it around in a restaurant they seem to take my questions much more seriously!

Not nice going to hospital with a child I know. Still, worse for you than them... keep up the good work.


Pig in the Kitchen said...

M and M, bummer about the vinaigrette, but still. Brazil nuts, pah! They never look as good as they think they do in their thongs! But they are good at football.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

SAHD, have had a sleep and wine, will forge onwards and upwards with recipes!


Hello Pig

I said I'd send you a recipe and here is a soup one. I haven't tried it for a while, but it did taste nice at the time.

Rocket Fuel
500g carrots
1 pint rice milk
3 spring onions
1 slice butternut squash
2tbsps olive oil
2tsps cider vinegar
sprinkling of cayenne pepper
fresh coriander with flowers
half fresh coconut
big handfuls of fresh rocket
1tbsp bouillion powder
1 fat courgette

Chop carrots, spring onions, butternut squash, courgette throw in a pan with the rice milk, bring to boil then simmer on low for about 10-15mins until soft. Remove from heat to blender. Add salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, olive oil, cider vinegar, bouillion powder. Blend. Stop. Add Rocket. Blend.
Add coconut. Blend. Reheat. Throw heaps of rocket in a soup bowl, pour on top, garnish with rocket and fresh coriander. Serve.

Could be tasty, I hope it is...

Lettuce can help you sleep, so you may just nod off....Zzzzzz

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Single Mother, thank-you v. much! will give it a whirl and let you know. BTW, who is the cross-dressing male pictured in your blog?!!! Pigx


Looking at my recipe it doesn't seem half as tasty as yours, hope you haven't fallen sick mixing it with pineapple cake and truffles.

Cross-dresser: I'm not allowed to say under pain of death....but it's someone very close to home...