Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Breakfast Pancakes (egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free)

The delightful Deborah recently raised her gluten-free voice in protest,

"Well that almond and egg 'pancake' recipe I made was nice, but it didn't taste like a real pancake did it? Why can't someone just take the time and make one that tastes like a real pancake?"

Deborah, I have taken the time, and this one is for you!

Breakfast Pancakes (These can also be made with wheat flour, see the instructions in bold below)

I made these using Orgran gluten-free All Purpose Plain Flour, which you can buy here. It was my first try with this flour, and I'm rather impressed! It already contains vegetable gums (sounds delicious), so there's no need to add any xanthan gum.

I also used vanilla powder which comes from the wonderful Vanilla Bazaar company. You may think you know vanilla, but THEIR vanilla products are divine, I could sit and smell them for hours. You should definitely order from them!

200g Orgran Gluten Free All Purpose plain flour If using wheat flour: 225g plain flour

25g buckwheat flour (omit if using wheat flour)

0.5tsp bicarbonate of soda (omit if using wheat flour)

2.5 tbsps sugar

2 'no egg' egg equivalents mixed up with 4 tbsps rice milk

1 tsp ground linseeds mixed with 1 tbsp rice milk. For wheat flour version: use 1 heaped tbsp mix up with 1 tbsp rice milk

(you could vary the flavour by using 1 tsp mixed spice and the zest of an orange)

110g dairy-free spread, melted. For wheat flour version: use 30g

420ml rice milk (note, if you were using a different GF flour, you could possibly reduce the amount of milk, the Orgran flour was slightly thicker due to the gum included. You are aiming for a thick batter consistency)
For wheat flour version: use 300-350ml of rice milk

Oil to fry

  • Put the flours, vanilla powder, bicarbonate of soda, sugar and baking powder into a large mixing bowl

  • Mix up the egg replacer with the rice milk as per packet, add the tsp of ground linseeds (add 1 tbsp if using wheat flour) and the extra tbsp of rice milk

  • Add the melted dairy-free spread, egg replacers and linseeds, and 360 ml (300-350ml if using wheat flour) of the rice milk to the mixing bowl. You can add the rest of the rice milk gradually, until you have got the right consistency ( a thick batter)

  • If you have an electric whisk, get it out and whisk! Small children like to help with this part, but do encourage them to keep the whisk submerged in the mixture. In the absence of the electric whisk, use a hand whisk, a large helping of elbow grease, and think of the good it is doing your bicep. You can stop when it's all smooth and with a few air bubbles popping on the surface.

  • Place a pancake pan over a medium heat. Grease it by smearing the surface with an oil-soaked kitchen towel

  • There is a little-known law that dictates that the first pancake of any batch will fail. It is the ritual pancake sacrifice, but perhaps you will be lucky

  • Using a ladle, pour a small amount of mixture into the pan

  • It should spread and after a minute or two the surface will start to bubble. When it is covered in bubbles and solid enough to flip, slide a spatula ( a silicone one is good) under it and flip it over. It should rise slightly, and will need a minute or two to go brown.

  • Transfer to a waiting child's plate, or make a big stack, cover with tin foil and keep them warm in an oven on low heat

© Pig in the Kitchen 2007

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Babo said...

Pig in the kitchen,

My name is Barbara and I visited your blog the first time today. And I have to say it's great fun to read your thoughts and comments. Thank you very much for that!

Regarding you pancake recipe I just wanted to comment that you actually don't need extra oil for frying if you add 1-2 Tbsp of oil directly to the dough. I believe it makes them less greasy.


Pig in the Kitchen said...

Hello Barbara, thank you very much for visiting and saying nice things! Thanks for your cunning oil-in-the-dough idea. I'm not a pancake expert, and I'm always scared of them sticking (i've had bad experiences in the past that have scarred me emotionally !), so I add the oil for good measure. I don't find that they are greasy though...maybe it depends on your 'grease tolerance level'? Mine must be quite high. Next time I make them I will try your top tip.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is excellent and really handy seeing that we have a 3yr old with dairy, wheat, egg and soya allergies! Excellent pancake recipe - we've started playing with it and adding raisins and cinnamon - works really well.


Mrs. Swerve said...

Pig in the Kitchen,

I would just like to say how truly relieved I am to find such a great resource for gluten free recipes! My sister her children, my mother and I, all have celiac disease. Therefore it can result in a pretty boring gluten free diet.

Cooking can be really difficult, and its so nice to find all these delicious recipes and fun stuff to make that some traditional gluten free cook books don't offer. I especially love the Halloween biscuit cookies and am planning on making them this weekend.

Thanks again!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Mrs Swerve,

I'm very happy that you dropped by and that the recipes will be useful for you!
Happy Halloween,

Fee said...

These were the yummiest GF & EF pancakes I have tasted. They din't last long. The linseed and egg replacer worked relaly well. I haven't had any success with egg replacers so was very impressed at the result. thank you I just love your site. Going to try one of your bread recipes next.

Fee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pig in the Kitchen said...

Hello Fee, I think I love the fact that you love my site! Hope the bread recipe went well, bake on!

ibakewithout said...

have never seen pancakes that are "free from" and look this good. I must try soon!

Catering Equipment said...

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